Monday, July 14, 2008

Swim Party

Rylyn and Nana. She is still a little young to enjoy the chilly water.
Kade absolutely loves it!
Little Bryn is not so little anymore but still adorable!
Tanner and Mal on the teeter-totter
Lily watering Nana's flowers! Such a big helper!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny Looks at Daddy

These are some of looks Eric got from Rylyn while we were at the Pow Wow. She is definitely her daddy's girl!


We went to the Heber City Pow Wow with my parents and nephews. Here are a couple pictures.

Cousin Love

Can you tell this little girl is absolutely adored by her cousins?

What a bunch of Cheezers

Uncle Scott

Rylyn has lots of uncles but she sure was excited when Scottie came home from the windy city. She kinda likes just chillin on his lap and the Ryan Shupe concert in Saratoga Springs!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fishing Day 1

After the bonfire the night before Eric and I headed back up Manti Canyon to go fishing with the boys. Colter was the designated fish releaser. That is one of the fish Eric caught that day and I am proud to say that I caught the biggest of the 6 that we kept. Yay for me. Hopefully it is the start of a summer full of fishing!

Daddy Time

Snuggling with daddy is always a favorite past time in our family. She is just all worn out after a long day.

Hot Tub Fun

Rylyn and I took a dip in mom and dad's hot tub while we were in Manti. She loves the warm water. She is just so darn cute in her little swimsuit. Gotta love it!