Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Little Sleeper

So my mom was with Rylyn during the day Monday through Thursday last week and I think she really missed her grandma on Friday because she did not sleep at all that day. She was mad all day until Eric and I went to dinner with some friends and then she calmed down and got some sleep. That night when we got home she ate and went to sleep and slept for 6 hours straight. It was wonderful. Saturday I really did not think she would do it again because we had gone to Manti and she really slept almost all day but my little Rylyn slep for 6 hours straight again Saturday night and Sunday night. I was so proud of her. Eric played mommy Saturday night for me so I got tons of sleep. Yesterday was a little rough again because she just couldn't keep herself sleeping unless I was holding her and even then she would only sleep for 45 minutes or so tops. When I tried to put her in the bassinet last night she just woke up and cried so of course I gave in and she slept on my chest. Once she went to sleep though she slept for 6.5 hours again.
I definitely think we are getting close to sleeping through the night. What a big girl I have. Dang she grows fast!
She likes snuggling into me or her daddy when she sleeps and sometimes it looks like she is either hiding from the world or playing peek-a-boo. I just love it.

I love it when she sticks out her tongue when she is sleeping. She has such a cute little mouth.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have definitely been blessed with the best mom in the whole wide world! I had to return to work this week and I was kinda stressing because I really could not bring myself to even think about leaving that sweet little daughter of mine. My mom knew it was going to be hard for me so when I said that I wished she lived closer so she could watch Rylyn she just said that she would come up. So she came up early Monday morning and stayed the night. She went home Tuesday night and was back up here first thing this morning with the little grandsons in tow. She is simply amazing. It won't be like this every week of course though because I have worked out a much nicer schedule with my boss so I will only work Tuesday and then Monday and Wednesday evenings. Mom will of course come up Tuesday but daddy gets her on Monday and every other Wednesday because he has class. Aunt Tempy gets her on the days he has class. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Family

We finally took some family pictures and I have to say it is about time. They are not profesional by any means but I am proud of them.

I have to say that the one in the middle is definitely the cutest!!!

Eric Denney's Favorite Girls!!! The little one especially!