Monday, November 16, 2009



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Eric and I took the girls to The Big Red Barn Pumpkin Patch in Santaquin. They had hay rides (well wagon rides) to the patch and Rylyn loved it. It was kinda chilly but Rylyn didn't seem to mind. Hallie slept the whole time on Eric's chest so it was a successful trip.

Daddy and Hallie all bundled up.
I love my girls! Ry makes things interesting but always something to look forward to.

Trying to decide which pumpkin she wants.

Got it!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Denney Girls

There are three of us now. Well three of Eric Denney's girls that is and here are some pictures of how we spend our time. Rylyn is too smart. I guess I can't have her watch me do makeup anymore cause she knows how to do hers now...

Sort of! It is a good thing I don't wear waterproof mascara or it would have been a pain to get off.

Going for walk is a favorite of both girls! I think they just like to be outside and moving.
We still spend a lot of time snuggling regardless of when or where. Rylyn says "ho- yoo" which means hold me and so whatever I am doing gets dropped and that is what I try to do.
Rylyn loves having a baby sister. She tries so hard to be gentle and snuggle her. Ry loves giving Hallie kisses too.


It has been a while since I posted anything and I missed a lot of summer fun but here are some pictures to catch up on.

We went to Lagoon with my parents, Brenna and her boys, and Tempy and her kids. Most of the day was spent at Lagoona Beach so there aren't many pictures.

My crazy girl in her "Hollywoods" (that is what we call her sunglasses) and even crazier hair.

Playing in the dirt at a wedding reception we went to in Nephi before we moved. Too cute to make her try to stay clean!
Playing in the pool in the back yard at our old apartment. It was too hot this summer to do much of anything else!
She is a water baby and I love it! I can't wait til next summer so we can really play in the water!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hallie Mae Denney

Our precious little girl has arrived!!! Hallie Mae was born Thursday September 24, 2009 at 5:06pm. She weighed 8lbs and was 20in. She is absolutely wonderful! We had a pretty good labor and only had to push for a little over 3 minutes. It was actually great! I felt so good after she was born. I had the nurse turn off the epidural right after and had feeling back in my legs really quickly and was able to get up and walk around about 45 minutes after she was born. She had a kinda rough time though because the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. She came so quickly though that it really did not create any serious problems for her. She had a hard time breathing at first because she came so fast but recovered really well and rather quickly.

Rylyn ABSOLUTELY LOVES and ADORES her baby sister. When she got to the hospital she climbed up on my lap and motioned for daddy to give her the baby. She just sat and stared at her and would say "hi" and "wow" and "my baby". She was so soft and gentle with her, it just came so natural.

Two under 2 is going to be fun! There is definitely a cute bond between my girls! Hallie is so patient with her big sister and Rylyn just cannot get enough of HER baby. Kisses are a huge part of Hallie's life and they come from all sides.

Friday morning was a great experience. I woke up to my WONDERFUL husband holding my precious baby and we spent all day just staring at her and enjoying how content she is. I LOVE being a mommy!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Juab County Here We Come!!!

That's right!!! We are moving! We started looking at houses in June or July (we had been looking since Rylyn was born but not seriously) and really could not find anything that we really loved that was in our budget. In late July we found an adorable house that we loved in Santaquin but it was a short sale. We put an offer in but still have not heard anything back about it. A couple days later my mom found a way cute house on KSL and later that day our Realtor sent me the add to the same house. I liked it right away but having it in Nephi was sort of a bummer for Eric. It would add about 15 minutes to his commute. After many serious discussions and lots of prayer we put in an offer. I have to admit that we low-balled the owner a little but it paid off. They countered and we countered back with the same offer and it was accepted. We were more than a little shocked. "Now What?"

Well after the initial anxiety and shock wore off we are thrilled and excited. Of course still a little nervous but definitely excited. We close on Wednesday and will hopefully be completely moved in by Saturday! I don't think Eric ever thought he would live in Nephi but I think he is going to love it! I cannot wait to be moved in and settled before the baby comes and to be so much closer to my family!

Friday, August 14, 2009

6 More Weeks!!!

Too Fast For Me

Rylyn and I were in the living room the other day and I walked into the kitchen to get her some breakfast. I came out to get her and she was gone. I thought she had probably headed to the computer in my room but as I walked in she called "momma" from the bathroom. This is what I found.

Grandpa and his Twin

Rylyn loves reading books with Grandpa! Gotta love the glasses and the hair!!!

Thanksgiving Point

My mom and I had to take advantage of $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point. She brought Brenna's boys up and we had a really good time. None of the kids had naps until we went home at 4 but they were so good all things considered!
The line to get into the Museum wrapped around thecorner and to the back of the building. It was incredible!

Playing in the sand quarry! She loves to get dirty with these little blondies!
She liked the wagon ride but was not to keen about taking pictures in front of the big horses afterward.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing in Nana's Backyard

My ball!!!
There was a hose on the slide so she slid down pretty nicely without getting burnt. The slide looks hot and kinda scary.

Riverton Town Days

Gowing down the slide.
Made it to the bottom safely and happily!!

Hi Mommy!

Look I'm a big girl!!!
Laughing it up!!

Obviously these pictures are a little old since they were taken back in July but I love my little cowgirl and love that Eric plays with her as much as he can.

When Rainbows Come by Twos

This picture won't mean a lot to most of you that view this but double rainbows are miracles to me and definitely touch a tender spot in my heart! Heavenly Father certainly know when his children need reminding that this life is not the end!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Love You Forever

I am sure every mom has a picture or two like these. One of my favorite books growing up was Love You Forever and the picture on the cover was one of the best parts of the book. Now I have one of my own little girl doing the same thing, and yes I Love Her Forever!!!!

Living Planet Aquarium

We decided to take Rylyn to the aquarium last Saturday. It made her a little nervous at first but she warmed up to the idea pretty fast. I think she had more fun than Eric and I did.

Petting the non stinging Sting Rays
The big Octopus. She was fascinated as were her parents!
Sitting on Momma's belly which contains her very active little sister.

The Jelly Fish were pretty cool to watch. I just love the enthusiasm on her face as she watches them swim.
Some Native Utah fish.

Look Mommy! Fishies!