Monday, September 29, 2008

Lily Lake

We went up to the cabin this past weekend in hopes that Eric would end up bringing home a dead deer. After a couple days of hiking around in the Uinta Mountains we decided that pictures from Lily Lake would be about the only thing we would be bringing home. Well... at least we have a cute new family picture to add to the album.

Here is a couple cute pictures of Rylyn with my mom. She sure likes to giggle when she is with this silly lady!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home Again

We are finally home. We were discharged Tuesday morning after another round of antibiotics. Words cannot describe how happy we were to be on our way home to sleep in our own beds and not have people poking and prodding Rylyn while she was trying to sleep. Rylyn is a complete;y different baby now. She is so happy. I just love it!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Rylyn was scheduled for surgery Friday at 2:00 pm. Well 2 came and went and she was still not in surgery. We were finally escorted to the OR at 4:00pm and she came out around 6. The surgeon came to explain the surgery to us and tell us how it went but the news was not all good. Rylyn tolerated the surgery well but there was a lot more infection than we had previously thought so we will have to be in PCH a little longer than we hoped. There was at least 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of infectious ooze in the urachus and it was really attached to the bladder so they had to scrape it off the bladder. She is doing really well now though. She is irritable and cranky but that is expected and totally understandable. We are so very glad that she is such a strong fighter.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Belly Button Drama

So it begins! Saturday morning shortly after taking the pictures in the crib I was changing Rylyn
s diaper and noticed her belly button was a little swollen and looked like it was bruising. I took her to the doctor and the PA/Nurse Practitioner thought it was a mild umbilical hernia and told me I didn't have anything to worry about and that is would go away on it's own. Well... things stayed about the same until Monday morning and the belly button started getting bigger and she started getting more agitated and it just got worse from there. Tuesday morning it was horrible. It looked like her insides were trying to escape from her belly button. Luckily my mom was there so it didn't freak me out. I opted not to see the same PA that morning and waited until later that afternoon to see a doctor instead. We went in at 2:10 to see Dr. Vargo and as soon as she saw the belly button she told us it was infected and that we needed to go up to Primary Children's Hospital. Even in the short time from the doctor's office to PCH it had changed and gotten worse.

It turns out that it was not a hernia, not a hernia at all. Rylyn has a urachial sist. The urachus is a tube that connects the belly button to the bladder when the baby is in the womb which is how she gets rid of her waste. It usually closes as the urethra forms. Rylyn's didn't close so it got infected. It looked kinda like a big zit. (sorry I didn't get pictures before it ruptured) The "zit" popped around 8:00 pm and about 1/4 cup of green ooze came out. Yeah it was nasty. It was a good thing it popped on it's own though.

Now she is getting antibiotics through the IV and we are waiting for the infection to go down so the can do surgery to take the urachus out so it doesn't get infected again. We have another ultrasound today and if all goes well we will be able to do surgery tomorrow. We will still be at PCH for a couple of days after surgery but at least now we know what is going on with out precious little girl.
Here is a picture of it yesterday morning after the sist ruptured.

Chillin in the Crib

Our little happy baby has gotten pretty good at standing while holding on to the edge of her crib. Saturday she even let me take some pictures. Have a look.

On the way back down ; )