Monday, October 26, 2009

Denney Girls

There are three of us now. Well three of Eric Denney's girls that is and here are some pictures of how we spend our time. Rylyn is too smart. I guess I can't have her watch me do makeup anymore cause she knows how to do hers now...

Sort of! It is a good thing I don't wear waterproof mascara or it would have been a pain to get off.

Going for walk is a favorite of both girls! I think they just like to be outside and moving.
We still spend a lot of time snuggling regardless of when or where. Rylyn says "ho- yoo" which means hold me and so whatever I am doing gets dropped and that is what I try to do.
Rylyn loves having a baby sister. She tries so hard to be gentle and snuggle her. Ry loves giving Hallie kisses too.


It has been a while since I posted anything and I missed a lot of summer fun but here are some pictures to catch up on.

We went to Lagoon with my parents, Brenna and her boys, and Tempy and her kids. Most of the day was spent at Lagoona Beach so there aren't many pictures.

My crazy girl in her "Hollywoods" (that is what we call her sunglasses) and even crazier hair.

Playing in the dirt at a wedding reception we went to in Nephi before we moved. Too cute to make her try to stay clean!
Playing in the pool in the back yard at our old apartment. It was too hot this summer to do much of anything else!
She is a water baby and I love it! I can't wait til next summer so we can really play in the water!