Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Eric and I took the girls to The Big Red Barn Pumpkin Patch in Santaquin. They had hay rides (well wagon rides) to the patch and Rylyn loved it. It was kinda chilly but Rylyn didn't seem to mind. Hallie slept the whole time on Eric's chest so it was a successful trip.

Daddy and Hallie all bundled up.
I love my girls! Ry makes things interesting but always something to look forward to.

Trying to decide which pumpkin she wants.

Got it!!!

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Andrea, Magnum and Mags said...

they are so stinkin cute! You look great too Hanna! Oh, I love to watch all my friends' little people grow up! Have you seen Stephanie's little boy? hope you guys are enjoying your new home!